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Founded in 2018 by the Puerto Rican mother-daughter duo Beatriz (Betty) Martinez and Paulina (Amina) Anchia, is an affordable-luxury brand of unique, contemporary and high-quality handbags and accessories that fuse two generations of fashion and style.

Both mother and daughter come from a household ruled by women that nourished their creativity and inspired them to follow their dreams and take risks.

Paulina, fondly nicknamed ‘Amina’ by her brother, has been sewing since the age of 6, after receiving her very first sewing machine from her grandmother. She would create bags and clothing pieces to sell to her friends and family and she would donate all the proceeds to children in need.

Her mother Beatriz, inspired by Paulina's determined spirit, encouraged her to pursue her dream of becoming a fashion designer.

Together, they created the brand Beamina, a hybrid of Paulina’s nickname ‘Amina’ meaning ‘warrior’ and the first two letters of the name ‘Beatriz’ that also represents the verb 'to be’. Their inspiration was to empower women everywhere.

Beamina unlocks the power that lies within you to have the courage to pursue your dreams. All of our handbags and accessories have a purpose that goes beyond fashion. We firmly believe that design can have social impact. With our decisions, we are all influencers of our own lives, and we have the opportunity to take a stand through aware choices and give back to our communities.


In 2008, we created our social impact program, ‘Fashion with Purpose’ based on our four pillars: youth, education, community, and wellness. Since then, we have long invested in the empowerment of the vulnerable and underserved youth by providing them with access to education and other resources that have proven to be central to their path toward opportunities and economic security.

We have contributed to numerous non-profit organizations, such as the Ricky Martin Foundation, that advocates for the well-being of children and provides education and solutions for international efforts to abolish child trafficking.

We believe that the ultimate luxury is giving back.We also established a partnership with Glasswing International Foundation’s Youth L.E.A.D. (Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Development)  program this year to help vulnerable girls in Latin America unleash their potential and thrive.  With every handbag purchase, Beamina will donate a portion of proceeds to the Glasswing International Foundation, a non-profit organization with a mission to empower others toward positive change.


Our mission of empowering the youth and giving them opportunities to realize their full potential and to provide safer and better lives for those in need. Our brand’s promise is embodied in our name (“Amina” stands for “Warrior”) and our purpose is “to inspire little boys and girls to be the warriors of their own kingdoms.” We truly believe in their power to be storytellers and to feel confident about moving forward in the world.


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