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Our Story

Beamina, founded in 2018 by the Puerto Rican mother-daughter duo Beatriz (Betty) Martinez and Paulina (Amina) Anchia, is an affordable-luxury brand of unique, contemporary and high-quality handbags and accessories that fuse two generations of fashion and style.  Both mother and daughter come from a household ruled by women that nourished their creativity and inspired them to follow their dreams and take risks. Paulina, fondly nicknamed ‘Amina’ by her brother, has been sewing since the age of 6, after receiving her very first sewing machine from her grandmother. She would create bags and clothing pieces to sell to her friends and family and she would donate all the proceeds to children in need. Her mother Beatriz, inspired by Paulina's determined spirit, encouraged her to pursue her dream of becoming a fashion designer.

Together, they created the brand Beamina, a hybrid of Paulina’s nickname ‘Amina’ meaning ‘warrior’ and the first two letters of the name ‘Beatriz’ that also represents the verb 'to be’. Their inspiration was to empower women everywhere.

Beamina unlocks the power that lies within you to have the courage to pursue your dreams. All of our handbags and accessories have a purpose that goes beyond fashion. We firmly believe that design can have social impact. With our decisions, we are all influencers of our own lives, and we have the opportunity to take a stand through aware choices and give back to our communities.

'Together we shine' is at the core of what we do, and defines our mission.

A single bag by itself can’t change the world, but together we can make a difference.  Beamina’s first ‘Fearless Bag’ collection embodied the message that there are no limits to your potential and dreams.

‘Be fearless. Be bold. Be you’ became an anthem for their handbags and accessories, inspired by their own story of how mother and daughter turned a seemingly unattainable dream of their design heritage into a thriving reality.  

Thanks to our ‘fearless’ and loyal customer base, as well as the hard work and dedication of our team, we have been able to grow and improve our products over the last three years.  We continue to evolve to further benefit our customers, ensuring long-lasting luxury and affordable products, distinguished by a unique style and made from the finest materials. Beamina is, by design, a niche line of products that you can easily incorporate into your wardrobe and add value to it.

Everyone can wear, gift or carry a Beamina handbag and accessory.

Our 2021 ‘Bombón’ handbag is an evolution of our ‘Fearless Bag’ and is the epitome of elegant craftsmanship. We feel that luxury should not only look fabulous but also showcase handcrafted artistry. Designed with love in Puerto Rico, every stitch is meticulously sewn within a world-class Spanish factory by experienced local artisans, who bring a refined tradition to their craft in one of the world’s leading manufacturers that supplies for international luxury brands. Our handbags are composed of genuine, high-quality 100% Grain Leather that is soft, smooth and durable, making the ‘Fearless Bag’ a timeless accent​— ​an everyday bag that elevates your style with sophistication and class for today’s modern woman with its versatility and beauty.  We are committed to helping and empowering communities today for a better tomorrow.

Our social impact program ‘Fashion with Purpose’ represents the vision of the brand: youth, education, community, and wellness. These are for us both foundation and objective. Through a careful evaluation process we identified several non-profit organizations that are aligned with our four pillars.

As of today, with every handbag purchase, Beamina donates a portion of proceeds to a non-profit organization with the mission of empowering others towards positive change.

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