Our Story

Our Story

Founded in 2017, Beamina is a company that designs handbags with uniquely sourced quality materials and fun designs exclusively created by mother-daughter, Beatriz Martinez and Paulina Anchia. Paulina has been designing since the age of 6.

Both mother and daughter come from a household ruled by women that nourished their creativity and inspired them to follow their dreams and take risks. Beamina is generation-less, everyone can wear, gift or carry a Beamina handbag. Beamina unlocks the power that lies within you. Each handbag is uniquely designed with a magical pattern of Paulina’s drawing in its interior. Opening a Beamina is like opening a treasure, where you will overwhelmingly find love and all the tools needed to accomplish your dreams. Each drawing illustrates love, joy, and the mutual pact amongst each other - no matter our age and background - to pursue our inner happiness, push for our desires, and true passion. We can live as one, we can share this world because together we can be much stronger and make a brighter future. Remember that together, we shine.

A percentage of all proceeds will be donated  among different Foundations ... supporting locals recover from natural disasters and special needs.

All Beamina products and materials are made in Colombia. Proudly designed and inspired by mother and daughter in Puerto Rico.